La magnitud de una categoría enriquecida

Normalmente no entiendo un pepino de los posts del n-category café, pero igual estoy suscrito a su RSS. Esta es la primera vez (que yo recuerde) que más o menos entiendo un post, o al menos algunas ideas, y me pareció súper interesante. Me gusta enriquecer categorías 🙂 Así que lo pongo acá, no sea que me olvide. Es del gran Tom Leinster.

Pongo el “abstract”:

Enriched category theory is a machine of great power. On the front of that machine is a dial:

Turning the dial selects the category in which you’re enriching — or more poetically, selects a branch of mathematics. Turning it to {true, false} selects order theory. Turning it to [0,∞] selects metric geometry. Turning it to Ab selects homological algebra. Turning it to Set selects category theory itself. Turning it to nCat selects (n+1)-category theory. Any definition framed in the full generality of enriched category theory is, therefore, extremely general.

Most of my work over the last few years has been directed towards understanding size. Many mathematical objects come with a canonical ‘size’ invariant: the cardinality of a set, the Euler characteristic of a topological space, the entropy of a probability space. There is a familial resemblance between these invariants, and I’ve been trying to pin it down.

In Cambridge on Tuesday I’ll give a talk about my best effort so far: a definition of the magnitude of an enriched category. This produces, automatically, many size-like invariants: some old and familiar, some half-familiar, and some that are completely unexplored. I thought I’d prepare for the seminar by telling the story here.

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